The Modernization of Recruitment: Marketing, Technology & Data

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In this webinar, our expert panel will take you on a journey through the modernization of recruitment. Throughout you'll receive insight on the industry's dramatic transition to a more proactive approach to recruitment with the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, social platforms, and data-driven decisions to promote company culture effectively. 

This in-depth discussion will be moderated by Darryl Praill, and feature Keynote's CEO James Baker, alongside guest panelists, Xactly Design's Strategy leader Steve Harding and Calian's Recruitment Manager Igor Radojevic. 


Our experts will break down and discuss:

- Employer branding techniques & strategies

- Optimizing social channels for recruitment

- Digital marketing challenges

- The challenge of multi-generational recruitment

- How to use data to better understand audiences 

Meet Our Expert Panelists

James Baker

Chief Executive Officer, Keynote Group

James is an award winning entrepreneur and the co-founder of Keynote Group. With over a decade of experience in the recruiting industry he began Keynote to fix a broken industry. 

James has developed a unique search process that leverages A.I. to find, fit and onboard employees more effectively. 

Steve Harding

Strategy, Xactly Design & Advertising Inc.

Steve obtained his Masters degree in Sydney, Australia which led to a great personal and professional experience with the Vancouver Canucks (3 years) and then the Ottawa Senators (6 years).

He is extremely passionate about marketing, has a strong sense of creativity and really understands the importance of developing relationships. 

He has a strong understanding of brand marketing and has been working in advertising for over 12 years.

Igor Radojevic 

Recruitment Manager, Calian Ltd.

After graduating from the University of Ottawa, Igor spent numerous years in sales and marketing working within Canada and internationally. 

He then joined Calian as the Manager of Recruiting for Training and Engineering Services, bringing his marketing expertise and passion for people to add value to both the recruiting teams in place internally and for companies externally to help them thrive. 


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