The Top 5 Recruitment Mistakes
Companies Keep Making

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In this webinar, James & Donna Baker, Co-Founders of Keynote Group, discuss the top 5 most common recruitment mistakes made by companies that they continue to see on a daily basis.  


Our experts will break down and discuss:

‣  Judging People by Resumes 
- other considerations and factors to consider

‣  Not Marketing the Company Effectively
- Focusing on the "WHY?" 

‣  Being Unaware of the Market Realities & Competitors
- How does your market position impact your hiring

‣  Failing to Have a Competitive Compensation Package 
- What does your compensation say about your company?

‣  Expecting Candidates to Fall Over Themselves to Join Your Company 
- Mitigate risks (timing, sharing your vision and more)

James Baker

Chief Executive Officer, Keynote Group

James is an award winning entrepreneur and the co-founder of Keynote Group. With over a decade of experience in the recruiting industry he began Keynote to fix a broken industry. 

James has developed a unique search process that leverages A.I. to find, fit and onboard employees more effectively.

Donna Baker

Managing Director, Keynote Group

Donna leads Keynote Group's executive search practice that combines leading edge technology, team dynamic analysis and headhunting with dedicated post-placement support. 

Donna has won numerous awards for her expertise including Businesswoman of the Year, and a Forty Under 40 recipient in 2018. 

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