The Future of Recruiting: Keeping a Human Touch with Artificial Intelligence

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In this webinar, our expert panel takes you on a journey through the use of artificial intelligence in the recruiting industry. Throughout you'll receive invaluable insight into how to drive better quality human interactions and engage in better conversations through best-in-class A.I. tools and technology. 

This in-depth discussion is moderated by Darryl Praill, and features Keynote's CEO James Baker and Chief Leadership Officer, Craig Dowden. 


Our experts will break down and discuss:

- How A.I. is used in recruiting 

- The benefits of A.I. in recruiting

- Building meaningful relationships through A.I. 

- Draw backs to some A.I. processes 

- A.I. tools + technology for recruiting, interviewing and more 

Meet Our Expert Panelists

James Baker

Chief Executive Officer, Keynote Group

James is an award winning entrepreneur and the co-founder of Keynote Group. With over a decade of experience in the recruiting industry he began Keynote to fix a broken industry. 

James has developed a unique search process that leverages A.I. to find, fit and onboard employees more effectively. 

Craig Dowden

Chief Leadership Officer, Keynote Group

Craig Dowden (PhD) is an executive coach and award-winning keynote speaker who bridges the gap between what science knows and what leaders do.

Craig’s first book, "Do Good to Lead Well – The Science and Practice of Positive Leadership", will be published by Forbes in February 2019.  

Craig has also been asked to share his thought leadership in top tier HR and business publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, the Huffington Post (U.S.), the Financial Post, the Financial Times, MSN, and Psychology Today.

Darryl Praill

Chief Marketing Officer, VanillaSoft

Darryl is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years' experience. He has been widely quoted in the media and is a guest lecturer, public speaker, radio personality, and has been featured in numerous podcasts, case studies, and best-selling books. 

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